SleepING mask

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In this first post you will find the step by step to make a sleeping mask!

We did it during our anniversary celebration and it was a hit! You can see all the photos here

What are you going to need?

  • Matrix. You can download it here: sleep mask
  • Printed cloth
  • Elastic and pins
  • Marking chalks and scissors



Step 1

Download the mold and cut it by the contour


Step 2

Mark and cut 2 sleep masks


Step 3

Place the elastic at the ends and secure it with pins.


Step 4

Sew all around, with seam zig zag.

We want to see yours! Share your photos on instagram with the hashtag #SewingAtTheDignanis 🙂

Thanks Nary Ventura for the nice pictures!

Thanks Janome Argentina for the sewing machines!

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You can check all the photos  of our anniversaryhere.

Happy weekend <3