The Dignani’s is a design brand from Argentina, which is founded by two sisters, Zule Dignani, Clothing Designer (UBA) and Sol Dignani, Publicist (FAECC).


In the Dignanis we develop our own patterns and designs that then we use them in different products. The products are made for every day functions being the scarves our main product.
The brand was founded at the beginning of the year 2015. With the idea of having a space in which to exploit our creativity experimenting with the development of own prints.


Given our background in design and communication then we joined both professions to delineate our project.
The love for the handkerchiefs is a legacy inherited from our grandmothers. First we started designing of few prints to the scarves (the product that we

were working on since 2013 in a previous project) nowadays we have a wide variety of prints and colorful. Universe, Flamingos, Brush strokes, Garden and Boquitas have became in our classics that we re-edit with new colors plus to new patterns for every season.
Our scarves are scened and include the step by step illustrate about #HowToWearYourDignanis.


In a short time we have achieved generate a great offer of scarves and we were able to give strength and leadership to this accessory to take a place inside the argentinian market, bringing new experiences to our clients through the hashtag #ONETHOUSANDUSESOFTHESCARF, where we show and teach the infinite forms to wear a Dignani’s scarf, we are in social networks and in our Youtube channel.


During 2017 we made our first export to the United States, for the renowned Anthropologie store, in this way The Dignanis became the third Argentine company to market its products in this famous store.


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