She Trades Award

We were invited to the offices of the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency, to formally receive our award

In June we will be participating in the She Trades Global Festival, in Liverpool, UK. This festival aims to expand existing women’s businesses and empower and connect women of the world through commerce. “Women own about 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the world. And SMEs account for almost 80% of jobs worldwide, so increasing their competitiveness increases the likelihood of creating jobs. Sustainable economic growth and the achievement of development objectives are only possible through the active participation of women ”

We participated in this contest with other 60 Argentine companies, and it is a pride for us to have been chosen to live this new experience. To continue showing the world the Argentine design, to continue taking the world to these Dignanis Scarf that we made with so much love for more than 5 years.

Thank you very much Alejandro Wagner, Clara Affranchino and Santiago Mantelli of the Investment Agency, and Helena Estrada, of the Economic Development Center for Women, Ministry of Production.

Thanks to our clients who accompany us every day in this growth! Thanks to our family and unconditional friends for always being there…

We are happy and proud! For more enterprising women